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Whatever you’re selling,With the digital world growing on a daily basis and business becoming more global than ever before, it is vital that you as a business are able to accept payments in as many ways as possible, not least because it will enable you to never miss an opportunity to gain a sale, but also because customers no longer simply shop in one place, or pay with card, cash or cheques.
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The online world and the payment technologies that come with it have opened up a mass of potential opportunity for businesses, whether start-ups or existing successful operations, and having the ability to accept payments through each and every new form of communication that appears on the scene is one which can futureproof any business.

Through our ground-breaking and award-winning innovation SOTpay and our SOTpay+ payment gateway, as well as though the fantastic other services available via our industry leading professional partners, Gala Technology can enable you to:

Take payments via website and live chat systems

With built-in security options including AVS, CV2 checks, 3D Secure and Velocity Checking, Gala Technology and our SOTpay+ payment gateway can take care of security, leaving you to focus on growing your business. The gateway is PCI-DSS Level 1 registered and approved by Visa and Mastercard*, and enables your customer to complete a secure e-commerce transaction. The Merchant Management System will enable you to see transactions progressing as they happen, which will enable you to identify any genuine problems quickly, so that you can solve them and minimise lost revenue.

When taking payments by Live Chat, you are able to generate a payment request link to send directly via the chat system to your customer, where they will securely enter their card details without ever needing to send them to you to enter into your card machine or virtual terminal. This protects your company from fraud-related chargebacks and as SOTpay+ is PCI-DSS Level 1 registered, it is as suited for small businesses taking a handful of live chat enquiries per day, up to those which require full teams in their contact centres, taking thousands of enquiries per day.

To learn more about taking secure Online Payments click here.

Take secure PCI-DSS compliant card payments via telephone

A big challenge to taking card payments by telephone remains that it is impossible to verify that the caller is the genuine cardholder by verbal confirmation alone. This presents several risks, including the potential for receiving fraud-related chargebacks if the payment is challenged, loss of goods and revenue, and even prosecution if a serious data breach occurs. SOTpay, and the SOTpay+ payment gateway from Gala Technology enable you to process secure, authenticated transactions which shift the liability from you as the merchant to the card issuer, which protect you from fraud-related chargebacks.

The innovative security measures applied by SOTpay mean than the payment system can simplify your PCI-DSS Compliance requirements. PCI-DSS is an obligation imposed by the card industry, which requires businesses to meet a stringent set of criteria to protect card data. By keeping the card data out of the merchant environment as well as encrypted/tokenised to prevent successful hacking attempts from gaining vital card data, the SOTpay+ payment gateway is beneficial in any business’s mission to become fully PCI-DSS Compliant.

Gala Technology has won several industry awards for SOTpay, particularly for card-not-present transactions, and it was developed originally to be able to take telephone payments without jeopardising the business or compromising the card data. We have helped businesses save thousands of pounds in reduced transaction fees because they are deemed lower risk than other merchants whose CNP payments are less secure, they have also avoided fraud-related chargebacks.

To learn more about taking PCI-DSS Compliant Telephone Payments click here.

Take In-Person payments via card reader

Gala Technology has a range of convenient and affordable card reader machines which can suit any size of business.

As an effect of the pandemic era of Covid-19, the number of payments made using notes and coins fell by 35% in 2020 according to UK Finance, with five out of six transactions now cashless. In 2020, the number of contactless payments increased by 12% and they made up 27% of all payments. This means that any business, whether large or small, would be severely restricting their ability to gain sales by remaining cash-only

This explosion in contactless payment means that card readers are a vital part of any business which takes in-person payments, especially those who trade in different locations, such as street food vendors, festival retailers, market stall holders and craft fair attendees. With the contactless value limit to increase from £45 to £100, average order values for businesses who are able to accept contactless payments should increase with the added ease for customers to spend higher values of money.

Gala Technology is able to offer a card reader to suit each type of business that might need them:

Portable Card Machine

Ideal for bricks-and-mortar businesses that need a machine by the till point, such as shops, cafés, hotels and garages. They connect through a phone line and broadband, and the terminals available from Gala Technology comply with the most up-to-date PCI PTS (Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security) standards

Countertop Card Machine

Popular with restaurants and pubs, a portable card reader can be taken by staff members around the premises to accept payment wherever is required. Gala Technology’s card readers are secure and compliant with PCI PTS Standards

Mobile Card Machine

Mobile card readers allow you to take debit and credit card payments anywhere with mobile coverage. Perfect for businesses that trade in different locations, whether trades-people, delivery businesses, or those that use trade and market stalls. These card readers are PCI PTS compliant, and will either come with a SIM card installed for mobile data connection, or have WiFi connectivity to connect it to a hub.

To learn more about taking in-person payments with a card reader, and to check out the range of terminals available from Gala Technology, click here.

Take payments through video conferencing

Video conferencing technology was one of the biggest booms to come out of the covid-19 pandemic, with millions of workers forced to set up remote offices at home, and entertainers of all kind using the medium to reach a captive audience. As the national lockdowns began to lift, there was a change in the way we worked, and millions of people continued to work from home.

Whilst posing its own series of risks in the form of requiring home-workers to take secure payments by telephone in a non-secure environment, it has also opened an opportunity for businesses to incorporate new methods of accepting payment, and in 2020, Gala Technology completed the world’s first recorded video conferencing payment.

Working very similarly to telephone card-not-present transactions, as although you can technically see the customer, the card remains not present, so the risk of fraud-related chargebacks remains high and PCI-DSS Compliance requirements are simplified. SOTpay allows you as the merchant to send a payment request link via video conferencing chat and enables your customer to enter their details in their own environment, whilst you see the transaction progress in real time whilst your customer is still connected to the call.

Once again, both your business and your customer are protected, and the liability for fraud related chargebacks lies with the card issuer, unless they deem the cardholder liable for failure to maintain their own card security.

To learn more about accepting card-not-present payments by Video Conferencing, click here.

Take payments through social media

Over 54% of the global population is now active on social media, which presents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their customer base on a more personal level, and by providing them with the option of making payment through social media Direct Messaging, you catch them at a time they are their most comfortable.

In this fast-paced digital age where attention spans are at their shortest ever, and customers require products and services quickly, very few people respond well to being asked to work harder than they need to in order to spend their money, so consider the potential revenue increase if you’re able to take secure payments through social media interactions that require nothing more of your customer than following a link to complete their transaction securely.

Regardless of the social platform you’re interacting with your customers on, Gala Technology’s award-winning pay-by-link solution SOTpay enables you to keep the card details out of your business environment, whilst authenticating the payment with the highest security, which protects your company from fraud-related chargebacks and helps greatly toward your PCI-DSS Compliance.

To find out more about how SOTpay works, click here.

Take payments via QR code

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic and the massive shift from using cash to contactless, fewer people than ever before are carrying cash in their wallets, purses or pockets. This shift has seen smaller pop-up stands such as charity stalls in supermarkets forced to change their own approach to fundraising, to enable them to avoid the age-old objection of “I’m sorry, I don’t have any change on me,” by having leaflets and documents with a special QR (Quick Response) pattern printed onto them, which donors can scan using their smart phone, and then be given the option of an amount to donate. This can be made even more simple by having a series of QR codes with corresponding donation values attached to each.

Our multi-award-winning, pay by link/QR Code solution, SOTpay is a cloud-based technology that does not require any additional hardware, totally eliminating the need for capital expenditure, SOTpay can support businesses of all shapes and sizes in any sector.

SOTpay, creates secure and compliant payment links and QR codes in a matter of seconds, enabling the merchant to send payments requests via email, SMS or into any digital engagement channel such as social media platforms. The generation of QR codes enables businesses to also attach quick, easy and cost-effective payment requests to invoices of either electronic or traditional paper nature.

To find out more about taking payments using QR codes, click here.

Set up direct debits or recurring card payments

The payment method of choice for businesses which run a subscription or membership model, such as a gym or an online craft beer supplier, a recurring payment is the act of gaining a customer’s permission to charge their bank account or payment card with a due amount on a set schedule, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or any other period of time.

There are two types of recurring payment, which are variable and fixed.

A variable recurring payment is when the amount charged can change from payment to payment based on usage, such as a credit card bill where the minimum amount required might fluctuate, or a telephone bill when data allowances are breached an additional data has been purchased.


A fixed recurring payment is a pre-agreed fixed sum being charged to the payer’s account, such as a subscription to Netflix or Spotify, or a membership fee to an institution, which will remain the same until both parties agree to a change of payment value

Although there are two types of recurring payment, there are various methods in which this payment can occur, including Standing Order, Direct Debit, and Recurring Card Payment, and there are undoubted benefits to each.

Our award-winning cloud-based merchant management system is designed to make claiming recurring card payments as simple and cost-effective as possible. It does not require any additional expensive hardware to set up, and Gala Technology can support recurring payments via card or Direct Debit*. Through using SOTpay+ for taking recurring card payments, it is possible that you could save up to 50% of your transaction processing fees, not to mention the time spent chasing unpaid bills that you’ll save.

To find out more about taking Recurring Payments, click here.

*Direct Debit will incur a one-off set-up fee, although no hardware is required to support the service.

Take payments using Open Banking

As technology advancements continue at a rate of knots, so do consumer behaviours and their preferences when it comes to making payments, with electronic wallets enabling contactless payment from smart phones and even watches as a modern payment method. One such advancement has been through online banking, and the process of Open Banking is the new way for consumers to pay, allowing your business to accept payments by bank transfer in a modern and safe manner.

Using Open Banking, customers make a payment to a merchant using their mobile banking app, or online banking portal, in the same way that they might make a bank transfer, but without the headache of setting up a new payment and ensuring all details such as sort code and account number are correct. It has been embraced by businesses due to major benefits, such as immediate settlement times and the way in which it removes the worry that comes with PCI-DSS Compliance, as the Open Banking process does not require card data, and therefore does not fall under PCI-DSS jurisdiction.

In September 2021, it was reported that HMRC had processed over £1bn in self-assessment tax payments, coming via more than half a million payments, which highlights the openness of your customers and clients to making payments using this method.

Open Banking also uses the most up-to-date consumer protection afforded by the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in line with PSD2 (Payment Security Directive) and comes with no risk of fraud-related chargebacks, which means business that use Open Banking to take payments can enjoy typically lower transaction fees than their card payments.

To learn how to futureproof your business by adopting Open Banking, click here.

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