Recurring Payments: Revolutionizing Business Transactions

Welcome to the world of seamless recurring payments, the golden key to successful subscription or membership models. Unlock smooth business operations with recurring payments, the backbone of successful subscription models like Golf Clubs, Gyms, Amazon, and online software sites. Secure customer consent, charge accounts as per a fixed schedule, and let the steady revenue stream do the talking.

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Meet the two champions of our recurring payment system - Variable and Fixed.

Experience flexibility with Variable Recurring Payments - perfect for fluctuating needs like credit card bills or telephone bills with extra data purchase. The amount charged adapts to usage, making it as dynamic as your business

Embrace predictability with Fixed Recurring Payments - ideal for subscriptions like, Sky, Netflix or Spotify, or membership fees. The pre-agreed sum remains consistent, offering a stable payment solution until both parties decide to make a change.

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The Power of Recurring Payments: Boosting Business Efficiency and Cash Flow

Discover a world beyond one-off payments with our recurring payment options, including Standing Order, Direct Debit, and Recurring Card Payment, each with its own unique benefits.

Ditch the stress of chasing payments and unpaid invoices. After the initial consent, recurring payments are collected remotely by your payment processor, requiring no further permissions. It's a win-win situation for both you and your customer, saving time, effort, and avoiding any awkward missed payment situations

What Companies Leverage Recurring Payments?

A plethora of businesses and organisations harness the power of recurring payments to streamline their revenue collection from clients, customers, and service users. Jump on board and experience the ease of recurring payments.


From fitness clubs to online content libraries, sports teams to social groups, many entities leverage the efficiency of recurring payments for annual or monthly membership fees. Offering exclusive perks and fostering a sense of inclusivity, memberships typically employ fixed recurring payment agreements. Ride the wave of efficiency with us!

Service Providers

From digital marketing agencies and SaaS providers to insurance companies and commercial cleaning suppliers, businesses of all kinds harness recurring payments to cover bills and secure a steady revenue stream. Typically, under fixed term contracts or retainers, recurring payments offer a secure, reliable solution for businesses. Get ready to join the revolution!


Online platforms are harnessing the power of recurring payments to fuel their subscription models. From media content like TV shows and music, to monthly bundles of craft beers or shaving products, enjoy repeat business with no extra cost beyond the subscription payment. Typically, this magic happens through fixed recurring payments. Get onboard with us

Local Government & Utilities

From Council Tax and TV License payments to utilities like water, gas, electricity, and broadband, recurring payments are ubiquitous. Whether fixed or variable, they offer a streamlined approach to managing regular expenses. Get ready to embrace simplicity and efficiency.

Did you know?

At the end of 2020, there were £23.4bn
of late or overdue payments in the UK

Ready to Dive into Recurring Card Payments?

Welcome to SOTpay+ by Gala Technology - your ticket to effortless and cost-effective recurring card payments. No need for expensive hardware, we support recurring payments via card or Direct Debit. Imagine slashing your transaction processing fees by up to 50% and bidding goodbye to unpaid bills! With Gold package price from £10 per month*, SOTpay+ is a professional, PCI-DSS Compliant solution ready to revolutionize your business.

*Not including transaction fees

Direct Debits

Experience effortless Direct Debit recurring payments with Gala Technology. Unlike other providers charging extra for collections in your business name, we provide a fully branded Service User Number (SUN) for BACS, or Creditor Scheme Identifier (CSID) for SEPA payments - all at no additional cost. Your company's name will shine on your customer's bank statements, enhancing trust and saving money simultaneously!

Recharge with Recurring Card-on-File Payments!

Have variable transaction values and payment regularities? No problem! SOTpay+ from Gala Technology handles this with ease, perfect for businesses such as automotive merchants billing clients ad-hoc. Our tokenisation process keeps card data fully secure, shielding your business from unnecessary costs and protecting your reputation. With our card storage facility, you can craft bespoke recurring payment plans for ultimate flexibility. It's your call on how much, how often, and for how long to arrange payments.

Unwrap the Costs of Recurring Payments!

Meet your business's repeat payment needs seamlessly with Gala Technology. Our Direct Debit service and the award-winning SOTpay+ gateway is here to supercharge your operations, all starting from just £10 per month!


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