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Who we are:

Gala Technology is the brilliant team behind the multi-award-winning payment technology, SOTpay. Originally developed to combat fraud for Gala Tent, a renowned retailer, SOTpay became a game-changer. It received the prestigious Security Innovation of the Year award, propelling it into the spotlight of the financial technology industry. Recognising its potential, businesses worldwide embraced SOTpay as the go-to solution for simplifying PCI-DSS compliance and safeguarding cardholder data during remote card payments.

Our Success Story:

Thanks to its exceptional performance, SOTpay has garnered numerous international industry accolades. Its versatility allows businesses of all sizes, spanning various sectors like retail, hospitality, and contact centres, to securely process Card-Not-Present payments across multiple channels. With SOTpay's payment request platform, transactions are not only seamless and efficient but also fully compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standards, significantly reducing the risk of fraud related chargebacks.

Partnering for Excellence:

Today, Gala Technology proudly collaborates with leading names in the payments industry. We offer a comprehensive range of payment solutions, catering to diverse business needs across various channels. Whether it's face-to-face, online, or telephony, Gala Technology is here to provide you with cutting-edge payment solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Join the Gala Technology phenomenon and experience the power of secure, efficient, and innovative payment processing. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey for your business..

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Powerful Payment Advantage: Streamlined, Revenue Maximised, Secure

Gala Technology's payment solutions offer a powerful advantage for your business. With streamlined processes, maximised revenue, and enhanced security, we simplify payment complexities, delight your customers, and fortify your data. Expand your reach, foil fraud attempts, and unlock your business's true potential with Gala Technology's suite of payment processing services your secured.

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