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Direct Debits

Making Direct Debit Collections Easy

Collecting payments directly from your customer's bank account is easy with Gala Technology's Direct Debit recurring payment service. Variable or fixed amounts can be debited from your customers account seamlessly on-demand or at regular intervals; minimising effort for you and your customer.

Whilst some competitors offer to collect funds on your behalf or charge you extra for collections under the name of your business, our service issues you with a fully branded Service User Number (SUN) for BACS or Creditor Scheme Identifier (CSID) for SEPA, so your company name will appear on all bank statements as standard. This reduces direct cost and payment rejections as your customer can see clearly who they are paying.

New to taking Direct Debits?

Direct debits are the most efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to collect recurring payments

  • A Direct Debit is an instruction from a customer to their payment service provider authorising an organisation to collect varying amounts from their account, as long as the customer has been given advance notice of the collection amounts and dates.

  • Direct debits continue to grow in importance as a familiar, long established and widely trusted method for paying regular bills.

  • Did you know that Direct Debits are used by nine in ten UK consumers to pay some or all of regular bills?

  • In the UK in 2020 there were 4.5 billion payments made by Direct Debit, with an overall value of £1,327 billion.

  • The latest UK data shows that the sum of late payments due across the country rose 80% to £23.4bn at the end 2020 and the majority of small businesses (62%) have been subject to late or frozen payments in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

So why not offer your customers a facility they know and trust, whilst removing the headache of chasing payments from as little as £10 per month?

Sign-Up Your Customer

Sign-Up Your Customer

Every payee must sign a mandate giving you permission to take money from their account. Gala Technology provides you with a platform and all the tools required to set up mandates either electronically via a link, through your contact centre and in a more traditional way via paper or PDF.

You upload their account details, the amounts you wish to debit from your customers and the nominated collection date. We then prepare and submit those details to the relevant Direct Debit scheme for collection.

Mandate storage and maintenance

Mandate details must be recorded to ensure the correct processing of direct debit requests. Gala Technology facilitates the maintenance of a database of all mandates in use. You can access and manage all your mandates at any time.
Mandate storage and maintenance

Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Direct Debit schemes require you to inform the payer how much money will be collected and when it will be taken from their account. Gala Technology facilitates options to help with this task.

Generate the direct debit collection

This can be a manual task or bulk instructions can be provided by file or API call. If the collections are regular and of a fixed amount schedules can be created within the User Interface and the process, then becomes fully automatic.
Generate the direct debit collection

Show me the money!

Show me the money!

The money requested will appear in your account on the same day that your customer’s account was debited, meeting all published Open Banking standards, plus all evolving standards across Europe along the way.

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