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Revolutionise Your Payment Experience with Marketplace Connect! Seamlessly integrate secure, compliant payment services tailored for software platforms, ISVs, and marketplaces. Unlock the power of seamless transactions while ensuring PCI DSS and PSD2 SCA compliance. Elevate your business to new heights!
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At Gala Technology, we're more than just a supplier. We're your dedicated payments partner, here to propel your business forward. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our features, functionality, and processes to meet your specific challenges.

With our extensive payments and sector expertise, we're equipped to provide the solutions you need to thrive. As we invest in our partnership, we'll shape our roadmap to meet your evolving needs and drive mutual success.

Say goodbye to complicated integrations. Our modern, developer-friendly APIs make online marketplace integration a breeze. You integrate once, so your customers can enjoy a seamless experience. Empower your developers with our comprehensive online developer centre, packed with all the information they need to excel.

Experience the power of a true payments partner. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock your business's full potential!

Marketplace Connect - LAUNCH

Accelerate Onboarding: Seamless Setup, Instant Transactions!

Marketplace Connect - ONBOARD

Say goodbye to lengthy onboarding processes and hello to instant results. With our automated onboarding, your customers can start processing transactions within minutes, not weeks.

Experience the power of our rapid, built-in KYC/KYB user interface. Onboard sub-merchants effortlessly and facilitate smooth sign-ups, without any friction or hassle.

Unlock the potential of quick and seamless transactions. Don't let unnecessary delays hold you back. Choose efficiency, choose speed, choose success. Let's get started today!

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Our PayFac Platform!

Unlike other Payment Facilitator platforms, we're here to help you monetize your core customer base. Say goodbye to traditional costs and hello to additional income streams. With each card transaction processed through our platform, you earn revenue and transform expenses into profits.

Experience the power of our SaaS payment facilitation platform. It provides a comprehensive payment acceptance service, complete with a PCI DSS and PSD2 SCA compliant payment gateway and acquiring services.

Take control of your sub-merchants' pricing independently, supported by a dedicated partner manager. Together, we'll drive growth and monetize your card payments service. Experience the seamless, quick online payment process that consumers love.

Unlock the potential of revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Let's embark on this profitable partnership today!

Marketplace Connect - EARN

Scale with Ease: Seamless Payments for Every Business Size!

Marketplace Connect - SCALE

Whether you're a small business or a larger corporation, we're here to support your growth effortlessly. With our scalable solutions, you can serve one customer or millions, without any additional workload on your end.

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment options and round-the-clock access. Accept payments anytime, anywhere, catering to the needs of all your customers and expanding your reach.

Take control of your funds with our intuitive payment settlement functionality. Determine how funds flow, split earnings, set commissions, and automate payouts, all with ease.

Stay on top of your business with our powerful user interface. Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and reconciliation tools, simplifying payment management and reviewing historic transactions.

Rest easy knowing that our platform is built on Azure, meeting the highest security standards for payment solutions. With your payments in safe hands, you can focus on what matters most—scaling and growing your business.

Experience seamless scalability and peace of mind. Let's embark on a journey of success together!

Seamless Platform Setup and Competitive Pricing – Let's Connect!

Are you ready to launch your platform? Our dedicated account managers are here to guide you every step of the way, from deployment to onboarding, ensuring you start earning without any hassle.

Already using a competing product? Give us the chance to provide you with a quote. Our pricing flexibility often translates into significant savings compared to incumbent providers.

Don't hesitate! Reach out today at 01709 911 611 or click the link below to contact us. Let's discuss how we can empower your business and drive your success forward.


1. Seamless Online Card Payments: Accept payments with ease using debit/credit cards on your website.

2. Enhanced Security: Safeguard transactions with 3D Secure V2 validation and AVS/CV2 checks.

3. Diverse Payment Options: Give your customers flexibility by accepting Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Pay by Bank App, Cash, Post Office, and PayPoint.

4. Multiple Funds/Items Support: Streamline complex transactions by supporting multiple funds/items in a single request.

5. Responsive Design: Enjoy automatic page presentation in desktop or mobile-friendly format for optimal user experience.

6. Effortless Refunds and Reporting: Empower your authorised employees with easy refund processing and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

7. Card Data Storage: Securely store card details for convenient retrieval on future payments, enhancing customer convenience.

8. Fraud Management and Chargeback Handling: Benefit from built-in fraud management tools and streamlined chargeback processing to protect your business.

9. Convenient Fund Settlement: Settle funds directly into your preferred bank account, ensuring seamless financial management.

Maximize your payment capabilities with these empowering features. Join us today and unlock the potential of your business!


10. Quick and Easy Setup: Start accepting payments effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

11. Streamlined Onboarding: Experience a significant reduction in onboarding time, from weeks to just minutes.

12. Cost Savings: Eliminate upfront expenses by leveraging seamless integration with software providers.

13. Transparent Pricing: Enjoy predictable operating costs, paying only for the services you utilise.

14. All-in-One Solution: Say goodbye to multiple suppliers with a single contract that covers various payment methods.

15. Operational Efficiency: Mitigate operational and compliance risks with a secure, robust, and compliant solution hosted on Microsoft Azure.

16. Enhanced Security: Safeguard sensitive card data by removing it from your organisation's infrastructure.

17. Advanced Card Security: Stay up to date with the latest card security measures, ensuring utmost protection for your customers.

18. Efficient Reconciliation: Save valuable time on reconciliation with seamless integration with your software provider.

Experience the simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and security of our payment solution. Get started today and unlock a world of benefits for your business!


If you’re looking to set up a platform for the first time, then our dedicated account managers will help you through every step of the process to get deployed, onboarding, and earning.

If you’re already using a competing product, then we would love the opportunity to quote for your business. Our pricing flexibility usually means considerable savings against incumbent providers.

Reach out today on 01709 911 611 or contact us using the link below


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