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Up to 9 Users

No Sub-Vendors

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Up to 39 Users

Up to 9 Sub-Vendors

Up to 1 Sub-Level


Unlimited Users

Unlimited Sub-Vendors

Up to 2 Sub-Levels

We specialize in secure payment solutions, and we're so excited to display to you our new pricing structure for 2023 and our updated award-winning product, the Secure SOTpay Payment Request.

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The Secure SOTpay Payment Request can help you and your business. It's a payment processing solution that offers secure payment requests through various channels, such as phone, email, SMS, and other platforms. It's also omnichannel, meaning you can use it across different platforms, making it easy to reach your customers wherever they are.

Here are some of the key benefits of using the Secure SOTpay Request:

  • Agent Attended Payment Request:
    A payment method where an agent assists the customer in making a payment through our request technology. Learn more
  • Email Secure SOTpay Request:
    A secure payment request that the customer can open from their smart device.Learn more
  • SMS Secure SOTpay Request:
    A secure payment request that the customer can open from their email platform.Learn more
  • Omni-Channel Secure SOTpay Request:
    A secure payment request that can be used in web-chat and social media channels.Learn more
  • Unattended Payment Request:
    A payment method where customers can make payments through a request without the assistance of an agent. Learn more
  • Unlimited Users:
    A feature that allows an unlimited number of users to access the system. Learn more
  • Unlimited Transaction Value:
    A feature that enables users to process transactions without any limit on their value. Learn more
  • Deployment:
    The process of installing and configuring the payment system for use by the business. Learn more
  • Branding:
    A feature that allows users to customize the look and feel of the payment page with their own branding. Learn more
  • CIT Links:
    Customer Initiated Transactions for businesses, enter email or phone or both and send. Learn more
  • CSV Uploads:
    A feature that allows users to upload batches of payment data in CSV file format. Learn more
  • Card-On-file:
    A feature that enables users to securely store customer credit card information for future transactions. Learn more
  • Reporting:
    A feature that provides users with detailed reports on payment transactions, trends, and other relevant data. Learn more
  • Video Training:
    A method of providing team training to users through video tutorials. Learn more
  • Remote Support:
    A feature that allows technical support personnel to remotely access the payment system to resolve any issues that arise. Learn more

With the Secure SOTpay Link, you can rest easy knowing your payments are secure and your customers have a smooth, hassle-free payment experience.

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