Revive Lost Sales: Mastering the Art of Cart Abandonment Retargeting!

In 2023, the UK's shopping cart abandonment rate stands at a significant 78.1%, while globally, the figures range between 60% to 80%. These rates fluctuate based on industry, product type, and seasonal trends. Given these startling figures, it's imperative for businesses to take robust measures to reclaim this untapped revenue.

Reviving Lost Sales in 2023

Unlocking Buried Treasures: Your Guide to Capitalising on Missed Business Opportunities!

  1. Objective: Re-engage potential customers who abandoned their shopping carts, ensuring a seamless checkout experience through SOTpay across multiple channels.
  2. Ad Copies
    • Banner/Display Ads: "Left something behind? Complete your purchase securely with SOTpay."
    • Email: "We noticed you left items in your cart. Securely check out in just a few clicks with SOTpay."
    • SMS/WhatsApp: "Your favourites are waiting! Use SOTpay for a quick and secure checkout."
  3. Ad Placements
    • Social Media: Target Facebook & Instagram users with dynamic carousel ads showcasing the products they left in the cart.
    • Google Display Network: Leverage display ads to reach users while they're browsing other websites.
  4. Frequency
    • Immediate: Send an initial reminder within 2 hours of cart abandonment.
    • Intermediate: If no action is taken, send a reminder after 24 hours
    • Final Attempt: If still no action, send a final reminder after 72 hours.
  5. Special Offers & Incentives
    • Discount: Offer a time-sensitive 10% discount for completing the purchase within the next 48 hours.
    • Free Delivery: Entice with free shipping for orders completed within the next 24 hours.
    • Loyalty Points: Extra loyalty points for those who finalise their purchase using SOTpay.
  6. Multichannel Outreach using SOTpay
    • Telephony: Incorporate a secure payment request when reaching out to customers through a follow-up call.
    • Email: Embed the SOTpay payment request in the cart abandonment email, allowing a one-click secure checkout.
    • SMS & WhatsApp: Send a brief message with a direct SOTpay payment request for a hassle-free checkout experience.
    • Live Chat: If a visitor initiates a chat, ensure your support team can provide a direct SOTpay checkout payment request.
    • Social Media DMs: For engaged customers on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, a personalised message with the SOTpay payment request can be a gentle nudge to complete the purchase.

Remember, the effectiveness of this strategy will rely on meticulous tracking and adaptation. Regularly monitor the conversion rates post-retargeting and adjust your strategy based on what's working best. The idea is to make the checkout process as frictionless as possible using SOTpay across all channels.

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