SOTpay Licensed Partnership: A Lucrative Opportunity for Businesses to Offer a Secure and Simple Payment Solution

Unlock New Revenue Streams with a SOTpay Partnership Licence

SOTpay is an award-winning Pay-by-link payment solution that simplifies PCI Compliance and payment processes for businesses and customers. It minimizes the risk of chargebacks and fraud while allowing customers to make secure payments without sharing sensitive payment information with merchants.

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Now, SOTpay is offering businesses the opportunity to become a partner and resell their proven payment solution under their own brand. This allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of a reliable payment solution without the need to develop their own technology.

Why Become a SOTpay Partner Licensee?

1. Rapid Time-to-Market

By becoming a SOTpay partner, businesses can get their payment solution to market in a fraction of the time it would take to develop their own.

2. Minimal Investment

As a partner, businesses can avoid the significant costs associated with developing, testing, maintaining, and accrediting a payment solution.

3. Increased Revenue

Businesses can generate revenue from a proven payment solution without the need to develop their own technology.

4. Competitive Advantage

SOTpay is a reliable payment solution that offers numerous benefits to merchants and customers, and by becoming a partner, businesses can leverage these benefits to gain a competitive edge in their market.

5. Increased Customer Loyalty

SOTpay is a secure and user-friendly payment solution that customers will appreciate. By offering SOTpay under the award-winning brand, businesses can increase customer loyalty and retention.

6. Multi-Channel Payments

Help business make the transformation to digital payments by providing them with technology to acept payment in multiple channels such as phone, web chat, email, SMS and social media.

How to Become a licensed SOTpay Partner

Becoming a SOTpay partner is a straightforward process. Here are the steps businesses can take to get started:

a. Contact SOTpay

The first step is to express interest in becoming a partner by contacting SOTpay. They will provide additional information and answer any questions businesses may have.

b. Customize the Solution

Businesses can customize the management solution to meet their unique needs. This includes branding, user interface design, and other customizations.

c. Launch the Solution

After customizing the solution, businesses can launch their new payment solution under the SOTpay brand, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the solution continues to meet the needs of both businesses and customers.

Becoming a SOTpay licensed partner is a lucrative opportunity for businesses looking to offer a secure, user-friendly payment solution to their customers. It's the fastest way to market, requires minimal investment, and generates increased revenue.

Get the Partnerships Pricing MatrixGet the Partnerships Product Data Sheet

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