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Step into the future of seamless and secure transactions with Gala Technology's game-changing payment solutions for travel agencies and tour operators. Our innovative systems promise not just an uplift in your customer service but also an iron-clad security shield for your data.

We provide an uncompromising secure SOTpay Travel Industry solution, ensuring you can carry out your most sensitive transactions across diverse platforms - be it the phone, internet, email, SMS, online chat, WhatsApp, or social media - with total peace of mind. Rest assured that every transaction made is secure and safe.

Now, more than ever, securing sensitive customer information has become paramount. With our services, you can periodically review your systems and transaction procedures, thereby preventing data breaches that could potentially invite hefty financial penalties and tarnish your brand's reputation.

We offer bespoke services tailor-made for the diverse needs of the travel industry. Here are some of the features that stand out:

Travel Agent-Assisted Phone Payments

With us, gone are the days of customers nervously reading out their credit card details over the phone. We offer a secure and PCI-compliant method where customers can input their information via a desktop or phone keypad. This approach safeguards customer data reduces the risk of data breaches and fraud-related chargebacks, and aids in de-scoping your network infrastructure.

Web Payments & Online Reservations

Our fully branded, 24/7 online payment system allows customers to settle their outstanding booking balances. This feature can be effortlessly integrated into your existing systems and provides real-time balance information. Your team can also monitor transactions through the real-time reporting interface.


Automated Telephone Payments

Free up your team to focus on fresh prospects by offering your customers a 24/7 fully branded telephone payment line. Our scriptwriters craft precise call recordings to cater to your unique needs.

This system can be integrated to verify balances from your current systems, confirm client reference numbers, and send email or SMS payment links.

Flexible Recurring Payment Schedules

Our system allows you to create a customised payment plan against a customer's credit card, ensuring any outstanding travel booking balances are settled promptly or over time. This service is flexible, offering one-time or recurring payments spread over weeks or months.

Our recurring card payment system functions similarly to a direct debit system, automatically processing payments at the right time, reducing late payments and freeing you from the hassle of chasing unpaid balances. Daily reports are generated to inform your team whether transactions were successful or not.

Join us at Gala Technology and reinvent the way your travel business handles secure payments. Because with us, you're always in safe hands.

Empowering the Travel Industry with Robust PCI DSS Compliance

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) now mandates its accredited travel agencies to conform to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This standard is vital for safeguarding payment data in an increasingly digital age. Learn more about it here.

Despite the looming threat of hefty fines and penalties, many travel agencies overlook the importance of PCI DSS compliance. Reasons range from lack of awareness or concern to a misunderstanding of the technical complexity involved in meeting the standards.

Recognising these challenges, IATA understands that achieving PCI DSS certification may be a daunting task for travel agencies. However, the implementation of our SOTpay solution can dispel all worries related to PCI DSS compliance, as it ensures no sensitive data enters your work environment.

Advantages of SOTpay that Make a Real Difference

Our award-winning cloud-based platform, acknowledged by international payment gateways and PCI QSAs, provides several unmatched benefits:

PCI-Compliant Call Recording

We ensure that customers enter card details securely via their desktop or phone keypad, maintaining absolute confidentiality of sensitive data.

Constant Client Interaction

Unlike systems that redirect customers to an impersonal automated IVR, our approach allows your agents to remain actively involved throughout the process, thereby minimising dropped calls.

Live Dashboard

Keep an eye on customer payment progression without ever being exposed to sensitive card details.


We aren't bound to a specific telecom supplier or partner. Our solutions smoothly integrate with your existing network, negating the need to change providers.

FCA Regulation Compliance

Our SOTpay solution effectively prevents any data leakage across phone networks.

Fully Hosted Solution

Experience the ultimate flexibility with no requirement for on-site installation or maintenance.

Integration with QuickBooks and Xero

Make reconciliation hassle-free by seamlessly aligning accounting and payments using our SOTpay, Xero, and QuickBooks integrated solution.

Embrace Enhanced Payment Security in Three Simple Steps


The customer initiates the payment process by calling your company and receiving a SOTpay payment link via their chosen communication method.


As the customer inputs their card information, your agent stays on the call, helping as needed without seeing any sensitive card data.


The agent monitors the payment process via the SOTpay dashboard, only viewing the outcome of a successful transaction.

Experience the Full Potential of Our Digital Call Center Payments Platform

Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant v4.0

No on-site installation required

Unlimited User Licensing

Real-time reporting

Card-On-File facility

Enhanced agent interaction

Connection to leading payment service providers

Competitive transaction fees

Becoming PCI-DSS compliant with Gala Technology is your first step towards eradicating fraudulent activities and securing sensitive card data within your network.

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