QR Code Payments: Revolutionizing Transactions with a Scan

QR Codes: The New Face of Remote Payments

Amidst the pandemic's backdrop, the tiny black and white squares known as QR codes have infiltrated almost every business corner. While they might seem like a recent novelty, they’ve been with us since 1994. Originally, these codes helped Japanese automakers track vehicles during manufacturing. Fast forward to the present, their utility has dramatically evolved, especially in the payment sector.

By 2017, Apple had integrated QR code reading in its camera app, and Google Chrome was not far behind with its QR scanner. Marketers globally tapped into this resurgence, weaving QR codes into innovative, value-added content. Today, market leaders like Gala Technology harness the power of QR codes to simplify remote payments. Amidst the pandemic, such touchless methods have not only been convenient but crucial for health safety.

With Gala Technology’s acclaimed SOTpay solution, businesses can swiftly create QR codes linked to payment requests. Once dispatched via email, SMS or even traditional invoices, customers can transact securely, without revealing sensitive card data. Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes store information in 2D, making them far more versatile. Notably, they're not just print-dependent; even online platforms and applications feature them prominently.

This surge in QR code payments is hardly surprising. They offer a speedy, contactless transaction mode, compatible with the pandemic-induced need for distancing. Businesses that relied heavily on telephonic payments can now minimise costs and simplify PCI DSS compliance. Moreover, it empowers merchants to authenticate transactions, safeguarding them against potential fraud.

QR Code Insights:

  • QR's Essence: QR stands for 'Quick Response’. Aptly named, isn’t it?
  • QR's Timeline: These codes have been part of the tech fabric since 1994. However, their usage for remote payments spiked during the recent pandemic.
  • QR's Functionality: Scanning a QR code activates a software decode. This translates into character strings, triggering actions like web navigation or payment confirmation
  • QR Code Scanning: Got a smartphone or tablet with a camera? You’re set. Most devices today come integrated with QR readers. If not, there are ample apps available for download.
  • QR's Anatomy: QR codes are distinguished by their unique square clusters, notably in three of their corners. Their storage capacity is directly proportional to the square count. Given their 2D design, they can store substantial data, making them ideal for encryption and payment processes.

Gala Technology & QR Payments:

SOTpay, Gala Technology's award-winning solution, is revolutionising payments. Tailored for diverse businesses, it swiftly generates secure QR codes, seamlessly blending with digital channels or traditional billing methods.

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