Transform Your Auction Payments with Instant LedgerLink

The Future of Auction Transactions: Instant, Secure, Efficient

Date Published : 15th March 2024
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Leveraging Open Banking for Secure Transactions

Revolutionise Your Auction Payments: Discover Instant LedgerLink's Real-Time Solutions

Attention Auction Industry Professionals:

Are you exasperated by sluggish and complicated payment processes that bog down your operations? It's time for a change.

Enter SOTpay's Instant LedgerLink Credit Transfer, a cutting-edge solution designed to expedite your outbound payments. Powered by Open Banking, Instant LedgerLink enables seamless real-time transactions directly from your merchant bank account.

Imagine the ease of creating beneficiaries, dispatching funds swiftly, managing account balances effortlessly, and leveraging the security of Open Banking. With the ability to handle transactions up to £250,000 in under a minute and offering comprehensive visibility on payment statuses, Instant LedgerLink is your gateway to a streamlined financial workflow.

Don't let outdated payment processes slow you down. Embrace the future with Instant LedgerLink and transform how you manage payments in the auction industry. Discover how Instant LedgerLink can bolster your bottom line and enhance your operational efficiency today.

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Date Published : 15th March 2024
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