Hotels Enter New Era: SOTpay Merges with ORACLE OPERA, Ushering in Payment Innovation

Safeguarding Transactions: How SOTpay Enhances Hotel Payment Security

Date Published : 23rd October 2023
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Introducing the Future of Hotel Payments: SOTpay Meets ORACLE OPERA

Discover how the hospitality industry is being transformed! Gala Technology, a leading figure in payment technology and a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), proudly announces a game-changing development: the integration of its acclaimed SOTpay platform with ORACLE OPERA Cloud. This pioneering move is set to revolutionise secure payment processing in hotels globally.

SOTpay, Gala Technology’s innovative payment request platform, now seamlessly integrates with your ORACLE OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS). Imagine sending secure payment requests directly from your PMS for advance bookings, outstanding balances, and event payments. This integration not only streamlines your payment process but also significantly diminishes the risk of card fraud while reducing operational and card processing costs.

Affordability meets security in this new era of hotel payments. Starting at just £19.99 a month, SOTpay is a highly cost-effective solution for hotels seeking to reduce fraud risks and enhance security measures. This price point is particularly attractive when you consider that it's lower than the cost of a single chargeback letter from a bank.

Jason Mace, CEO of Gala Technology, shares his enthusiasm: "We are excited about our integration with Oracle OPERA Cloud PMS. Our aim is to assist hotels in providing a secure and superior payment experience. With the rise of remote payments, new fraud risks emerge, and our commitment is to protect businesses and individuals alike."

Chris Evans, Business Development Manager, underscores the advantages: "Integrating SOTpay with ORACLE OPERA Cloud is a transformative step for the hospitality sector. It addresses the critical need for secure and efficient payment processing in hotels, significantly reducing fraud risk and boosting customer trust."

"Our latest tech achievement, integrating SOTpay, showcases our technical prowess, especially in payment security," says Steve Biggs, the Chief Technology Officer. "This system allows hotels to process payments via telephone with unmatched security, ensuring the payment journey is meticulously tracked without ever compromising sensitive card information."

The solution’s reach extends beyond telephony, offering the flexibility to accept payments through email, SMS, WhatsApp, live web chat, and all major social media commerce platforms. This versatility and security mark a significant advancement in our technical capabilities.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, Gala Technology stands at the forefront of enterprise payment solutions. Their flagship product, SOTpay, known for its flexibility and security, supports businesses across various locations with advanced reporting and alerting features. Gala Technology is recognised across Europe for its security innovation and compliance excellence.

Don't let your hotel lag behind in this new era of payment innovation. Join the revolution with SOTpay and ORACLE OPERA Cloud integration. Contact Gala Technology today to enhance your payment security and efficiency, setting a new standard in the hospitality industry. Act now to transform your hotel's payment processing experience!


Date Published : 23rd October 2023
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