Uncover Hidden Savings: How Switching Payment Processors Can Significantly Reduce Your Business Costs

Cut Costs Effectively by Changing Your Payment Processor

Date Published : 28th May 2023
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How Switching Payment Processors Can Significantly Reduce Your Business Cost

Revealing the Economy of Change: The Financial Benefit of Switching Payment Processors

Most businesses are in the dark about the exact amount they're shelling out in transaction fees as reflected in their payment processor credit card statements. When the potential savings are demonstrated to them upon switching payment processors, they are often taken aback—having been under the impression that they were on a favourable deal, when in reality, it’s quite the contrary. This concern is voiced by Jason Mace, CEO of Gala Technology. 

A Closer Look at Your Transaction Fees: Are You Overpaying?

Similar to the old days when deciphering gas or electricity bills was a challenge until comparison became accessible, analysing payment processor statements remains a puzzle for many. Terms like 'Non-Secure Fees', 'Chargebacks', 'CNP Fees', 'PCI Compliance Fees', and 'Interchange Charges' often need a professional’s eye to be translated and understood.

So, why might you be overpaying?

It's down to the lack of market comparison and understanding of the price tariff set by payment processors, who often operate without competition, hence, offering less favourable terms.

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

At Gala Technology, we boast a staggering 98% success rate in procuring notable savings for our clientele. A shining instance of our efficacy is our recent endeavour where businesses have garnered savings ranging from £2,000 to an astonishing £450,000 within this year alone—a robust testament to the profound impact of our services. Read the full case study here.

Believe the Savings and Take Action

The disbelief in potential savings keeps many businesses from seeking a free payment review, which could unveil instant improvements to their bottom line. The hesitation in sharing payment processor statements with us is often a hurdle; however, those who overcome it find a significant windfall awaiting.

Getting started on the path to savings is straightforward. All we require is your last three months’ payment processor statements to perform an extensive review. You can simply scan the documents and send them via email or WhatsApp.

How Gala Technology Alleviates Your Financial Pains

Consider us the doctors for your financial ailments. We meticulously examine your payment processor statements to identify areas of overspending—whether it’s non-secure fees, chargebacks, CNP fees, PCI Compliance fees, or exorbitant transaction fees. Subsequently, we scour the market to find you the best payment processor deal, aligning you with a specialist payment processor that caters to your sector.

A Seamless Transition with Zero Disruption

Concerned about commercial disruptions during the switch? Rest assured, the transition is as seamless as changing your energy supplier, with zero downtime.

Ready to Uncover Hidden Savings?

Embark on a journey to significantly reduce your transaction fees and enhance your business’s financial health. It’s simple to initiate. click here to get started.

Unveiling the true costs of your transaction fees and making a knowledgeable switch could be the financial remedy your business needs. Entrust Gala Technology to guide you through this cost-saving venture today.


Date Published : 28th May 2023
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Jason Mace  
Accelerating Business Success with Fast, Intelligent, and Seamless Card & Bank Payment Solutions
Jason Mace is a respected British author and award-winning CEO, known for his successful ventures in events, media, hospitality, property, and payment technology.

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