What Today’s Shoppers Want from Payment Experiences

Catering to the Payment Preferences of the Contemporary Shopper

Date Published : 1st April 2023
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What Shoppers Want from Payment Experiences

Decoding Modern Consumer Desires in Payment Experiences

The Dominance of Millennials and Gen Z in the Workforce
You know, change is the only constant. With Millennials about to become the reigning champs in the workforce and Gen Z trailing not so far behind, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever.

The Millennial Impact: Pioneers of Change
Ever felt like a game-changer? That's what the Millennials are in the workforce. They've paved the way, adapting and innovating amidst global challenges like the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Their resilience and adaptability are truly commendable.

Gen Z: The Powerful Ally
Just when you thought one game-changing generation was enough, in comes Gen Z. With values and desires echoing those of the Millennials, they’re set to turbocharge the momentum further. Hold onto your hats, folks!

The Need for Digital Transformation in Payments
The digital age is no longer coming; it’s here. And businesses? They better suit up. Our shopping experience is evolving, and we are not offering the right payment method. That's like asking for cart abandonment.

A Shift Towards Diverse Payment Channels
Picture this: You're on WhatsApp chatting with a friend and suddenly feel the urge to buy those cool sneakers. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could do that directly from your chat? Or through an email, text, or even on your favourite social media platform? That's what we're talking about!

The Stakes: Cart Abandonment
We’ve all been there, adding things to our online cart and then... poof! Something goes wrong, and we leave. That cart abandonment rate? A staggering 78.1% in 2022 Yikes! 

Key Payment Behaviours and Expectations
What do the kings and queens of the market (read: Gen Z and Millennials) expect? Here's a peek.

Embedded Payments
Remember the good ol’ days of waiting in line to pay? No more! Payments are expected to be as easy as sending a tweet or sharing a meme. Straight from the apps and platforms where folks hang out.

Speed and Convenience
Time is money, right? The new generation wants payments fast, without jumping through endless hoops.

Every person likes to feel special. Tailored payment experiences? Not just a bonus, but a necessity. And branding? It plays a huge role in building trust.

Social Responsibility
It's not all about money. The heart matters. Gen Z and Millennials crave ethical, sustainable payment practises. It's about making a difference, after all.

Payment methods on the rise; brace yourself for the future. It's not just cash or cards anymore.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
Imagine buying your dream gadget and paying in easy installments. No hefty interests, no catch. That's the magic of BNPL! 

Digital, decentralised, and oh-so-cool. Cryptocurrency is like the rockstar of payments, especially among the younger crowd. And businesses? They need to get on this bandwagon.

QR Codes
Those funky square patterns aren't just for fun. From Asia to the Americas, QR codes are simplifying payments.

Business Adaptation for the Future
Here's the deal: adapt or be left behind. Gen Z and Millennials aren’t just consumers; they're trendsetters. To attract them, businesses need to step up their payment game, be fast, be diverse, and be cool.

In conclusion, the future of payments is here, and it’s exciting! For businesses, it's time to embrace change, innovate, and meet the evolving expectations of today's dominant consumer groups.


  • What's the big deal with Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce?
    These two generations are rapidly becoming the majority, and their values and desires are shaping business trends.
  • Why is there so much emphasis on digital payment transformations? With the rise in diverse payment platforms like WhatsApp, email, and social media, traditional payment methods are evolving.
  • What's the concern with cart abandonment?
    If businesses don’t offer preferred payment methods, they risk losing sales, as reflected in the 78.1% cart abandonment rate in 2022.
  • Are QR codes the next big thing in payments?
    Originating in Asia, QR codes are quickly becoming a global payment trend due to their simplicity and convenience.
  • How can businesses keep up with changing payment behaviours?
  • By staying updated with trends, offering a variety of payment methods, and ensuring fast, personalised experiences,

The evidence is undeniable: engagement is the new currency. Suit up for the digital age and multiply your earnings through various channels.


Date Published : 1st April 2023
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