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Case Study:
Blooming Success: How SOTpay Revolutionised Payments for a Leading Florist


In the vibrant world of floral arrangements and customer satisfaction, managing payments efficiently stands as a critical pillar for success. A leading Florist company, renowned for its beautiful bouquets and gift services, found itself entangled in the thorns of non-secure transactions, high fees, and payment compliance issues. This case study explores the transformative journey of the company as it partnered with Gala Technology's SOTpay, leading to explosive growth and a flourishing business.


The Florist company was wilting under the pressure of several pain points:

  • High Volume of Non-Secure Transactions: Engaging primarily in 'card not present' transactions, the company faced exorbitant fees and security concerns, leading to a fragile financial ecosystem.
  • Compliance and Communication Breakdowns: Taking orders over the phone introduced compliance issues and non-compliant payments, risking their merchant account and customer trust.
  • Ineffective Payment Methods: The absence of an instant payment facility meant losing customers at the critical decision-making moment, as bank transfers cooled down the customer's initial interest.
  • Chargebacks and Friendly Fraud: A high volume of non-secure transactions led to chargebacks and friendly fraud, straining relationships with banks and customers alike.
  • Inefficient Return on Advertising Spend: A substantial investment in social media advertising was undermined by an outdated shopping basket system, leading to a staggering 78.1% abandonment rate.

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