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Gala Technology look to take ‘No Show’ losses off the menu for hard hit restaurants.

Updated: Oct 14

We all know that the hospitality sector has faced some unprecedented challenges in recent times at the hands of global COVID-19 pandemic. It seems that there is now another growing risk, which has been suggested could push restaurants up and down the country towards collapse, in the form of ‘No Shows’ and ‘Late Cancellations.'

Tom Kerridge, the TV personality and English Michelin-starred chef, recently took to Instagram to vent his rage against ‘the worst kind of guests’ after revealing that 27 bookings had failed to show for their reservations at Kerridge's restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel in central London on Saturday 11th July 2020. Kerridge explained in the post, liked by over 28,500 followers, that the ‘selfish’ and ‘disgraceful’ behaviour of the guests who did not honour their reservation were ‘putting people’s jobs at risk.'

This view was backed by other recognised industry names such as Clare Smyth, who worked as chef patron for Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, who stated,"Staff don't work for free because the guests don't turn up. Ingredients are prepared and wasted. It is incredibly disrespectful."

Fellow Michelin star chef Jason Atherton added: "This is not okay. You (the guests who did not turn up for their reservation) should be ashamed of yourself and we should have protection against this as we are fighting for our very lives."

Perhaps this is where Gala Technology can support?

Whilst we cannot prevent guests from cancelling their booking at short or even no notice, we can enable the hospitality sector to accept secure and PCI DSS compliant ways to obtain the cardholders information, which can then be used to take deposit payments in advance or even in the event of a no show guest.

Gala Technology’s Commercial Director, Steven Jones explained, "Merchants in the hospitality sector, particularly within hotel settings have long had problems with no shows and late cancellation and it is something that we have been helping to combat with our multi-award winning payment technology, SOTpay. We are now seeing a growing trend of this issue within other sectors, such as restaurants and even amongst hairdressing and beauty."

"SOTpay enables businesses to send out links via email, SMS or social media channels, complete with the terms and conditions of the reservation. These T&C’s, which explicitly detail what will happen in the event of a no show or late cancellation, are agreed to by the cardholder."

"The restaurant can then determine whether they would like to take an immediate deposit payment or simply capture the card information, in a PCI DSS compliant manner, allowing them to take a payment at a later stage, should a no show occur, reducing the financial impact on the merchant. As the transaction is authenticated, it can also reduce the risk of chargeback, as the business can usually evidence that the customer has agreed to the terms surrounding the reservation and it was the genuine cardholder who completed the transaction."

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